401K Maximum with the Best Asset Allocation

by Fern LaRocca CFP®

in 401K,401K Maximum

To get the 401k maximum balance you must have the right asset allocation. Asset allocation is the process of diversifying your positions across asset sectors and styles. A common mistake is for consumers to think of their 401K as a separate portfolio. Not so! When doing an asset allocation you need to consider all your position in your 401K, brokerage account, IRA, Roth IRAs, etc. This basically makes it very hard for the common person to do without some sort of tool.

When I interviewed Christine Benz of Morningstar (click here for the audio file), she mentioned the Instant X-Ray tool that is provided for free from Morningstar. I have been playing around with it and I like it. I want to show you an example of how to use it so become a subscriber to my newsletter and I will be sending out a example of how to use this great tool to get the 401K maximum balance.

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