401K Rules-get a distribution while working?

by Fern LaRocca CFP®

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Check your 401K plan summary plan description for 401K rules about taking a distribution while you are working.Your employer can tell you the 401k contribution limits, when you vest, and how much you can take out. Of course 401k rules only let you do this if you are past age 59.5 or the 401K penalties are severe. But if you need to supplement a reduced paycheck due to less work hours, then take small monthly amounts out to help you. Be prepared to pay the income tax on those distributions too.

Watch out for the number of hours that you work. At some companies if your work hours fall below 1,000 hours per year, then some 401K plans will eliminate matching contributions or prevent you from participating in the 401K plan. Check the 401K rules concerning this in your 401K plan. Your employer can tell you the 401k contribution limits

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