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401k Contribution Limits

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You may think that you can make more money by investing outside of your 401K, but that is misleading. If you are eligible to contribute to your 401K plan then your first investment dollars should be an option within that plan. Don’t be tempted by short term gains elsewhere until you have contributed up to [...]


*Scared to open your 401K statement? *Don’t think you will ever recover from the losses? *Too many investment choices and don’t know how to evaluate? This ebook will help you open your statement, figure out your 401k contribution limits and gain confidence-knowing that your money is working for you- in your time frame, with your [...]


Your 401k contribution limits can always be profitable. But how? Think about what it takes to earn money. To be profitable your 401k contribution limits must keep up with inflation, and stay ahead of taxes. Your contributions do all of that and more–much more than any piece of real estate or outside brokerage account. First, [...]


Many people were not allowed to convert their IRAs to a Roth IRA due to the income limitations. That has changed due to the Pension Protections Act of 2006. Now everyone is eligible to convert their 401ks to IRAs and then to a Roth IRA or from an IRA to a Roth IRA. But should [...]


2010 401K maximum contribution limits are $16,500 ($22,000 if age 50 and over) Surprised? Yes, you read right. They are the same as last year. Usually the contribution limits increase with the rate of inflation. The formula is based on the inflation rate in the third quarter vs. the previous year’s quarter which would have [...]


401K contribution limits for 2010 are $16,500 for employees. Employer contributions are limited to 6% of the employee’s pre-tax compensation under the 401k rules.  If you are 50 and older, you can contribute an addition $5,500 for a total of $22,000. For example, if you earned $100,000, you could contribute a maximum of $16,500 in [...]


401K Rules-get a distribution while working?

Check your 401K plan summary plan description for 401K rules about taking a distribution while you are working.Your employer can tell you the 401k contribution limits, when you vest, and how much you can take out. Of course 401k rules only let you do this if you are past age 59.5 or the 401K penalties [...]

Think You Can’t Afford to Contribute to Your 401K?- Think Again

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Many people worry about contributing to their 401K.  Your employer can tell you when you vest and what your 401k contribution limits are. Many people think that can’t afford to contribute. They worry that they won’t be able to live on the lesser amount of income. What they don’t realize is that if they contribute [...]

401K Maximum- How to Make the Maximum 401k Contribution Before Year End

Okay, it’s countdown to the end of the year, and you haven’t fully funded your 401k with the maximum amount of contributions. What can you do? March down to your Benefits department or Human Resources and ask them if they will allow you to put in a lump sum contribution before year end to make [...]

The 401K Maximum- How to Get Maximum 401K Value

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Ok- everyone wants their 401K account to go up in value all of the time- right? Well, fat chance. Markets go up and down all the time and lately it’s more down than up. So hang in there because what goes around comes around again and again. Here are some tips to smooth out the [...]

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