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401K Maximum

You may think you have 401(k) retirement plan losses, but do you really? Take a look over my shoulder and I will walk you through a specific 401K plan balance that shows losses but actually had gains. You will learn how to look for the dogs and replace them. You will also gain insight into [...]


Most of us are not prepared for any type of retirement, and I define retirement loosely like part-time worker, career changer, transition to self-employed, etc.  Currently only 14% of employees are on track to replace at least 80% of their income in retirement, and at least 50% of employees across all age and income levels [...]


Post image for 3 Ways Your 401k Contributions Will Profit More Than Any Other Investment

You may think that you can make more money by investing outside of your 401K, but that is misleading. If you are eligible to contribute to your 401K plan then your first investment dollars should be an option within that plan. Don’t be tempted by short term gains elsewhere until you have contributed up to [...]


There is no hard rule about who is best served by converting to a Roth IRA since everyone’s individual’s financial, income tax and wealth situations are different. But here are 10 reasons why you would consider a conversion: 1. Taxpayers have special favorable tax attributes including a high basis ration, charitable deduction carry-forwards, investment tax credits, [...]


*Scared to open your 401K statement? *Don’t think you will ever recover from the losses? *Too many investment choices and don’t know how to evaluate? This ebook will help you open your statement, figure out your 401k contribution limits and gain confidence-knowing that your money is working for you- in your time frame, with your [...]


This analysis  didn’t surprise me. The old time pensions or defined benefit plans as they are called are actually better for employees than 401K plans. Note the paragraph at the end that tells why more employers aren’t using them: Technorati Tags: 401k Contribution Limits, 401k maximum, 401K plans


401K Maximum with the Best Asset Allocation

To get the 401k maximum balance you must have the right asset allocation. Asset allocation is the process of diversifying your positions across asset sectors and styles. A common mistake is for consumers to think of their 401K as a separate portfolio. Not so! When doing an asset allocation you need to consider all your [...]

401K Today- making the most of what you have

Make the most of what you have to make the most of your tomorrow. Your 401K contributions are your first investment dollars. Those dollars will grow more faster than any other investment because of the tax advantages that we discuss in detail here. Take advantage of the opportunity to contribute and put the maximum amount [...]

Whats the Max? 401K maximum contributions for 2010

2010 401K maximum contribution limits are $16,500 ($22,000 if age 50 and over) Surprised? Yes, you read right. They are the same as last year. Usually the contribution limits increase with the rate of inflation. The formula is based on the inflation rate in the third quarter vs. the previous year’s quarter which would have [...]

401K Contribution Limits- What are they?

401K contribution limits for 2010 are $16,500 for employees. Employer contributions are limited to 6% of the employee’s pre-tax compensation under the 401k rules.  If you are 50 and older, you can contribute an addition $5,500 for a total of $22,000. For example, if you earned $100,000, you could contribute a maximum of $16,500 in [...]

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