New Regulations Might Boost Your 401(k) Balance In 2012

Eve Kaplan, CFP(R) Practitioner, (Guest contributor) The hard-earned dollars you defer each month into your 401(k) are about to get the money equivalent of a face lift in 2012. Why? Fees that affect your net 401(k) plan balance could drop on account of regulatory changes in 2012. These changes force providers to disclose all their [...]

When Your 401K Maximum Balance Won’t Be Enough

Get The Wall Street Journal for 75% off! Many people are sweating over the fact that their 401K maximum balance at the end of their working years won’t be enough to support the lifestyle that they thought they would have. Let’s not dwell on what you don’t have but let’s discuss some of the options [...]

THE 401k FIRST AID KIT:Stop Your Portfolio Bleeding and Get Back to Financial Health

*Scared to open your 401K statement? *Don’t think you will ever recover from the losses? *Too many investment choices and don’t know how to evaluate? This ebook will help you open your statement, figure out your 401k contribution limits and gain confidence-knowing that your money is working for you- in your time frame, with your [...]

The Roth IRA is for Wussies!

The Roth IRA is for wussies. Whoa! Every article under the sun is saying that the Roth IRA is the best thing since sliced bread to build wealth and I say no . Here’s why- in your do it yourself financial plan, you have to decrease taxes and keep up with inflation and you have to do that [...]

How and When to Undo a Roth IRA Conversion by October 17th

If you have an IRA you probably know about the concept of a Roth IRA conversion – where you  take distribution of a portion of your IRA and directly transfer that money into your a Roth IRA,  paying tax as you go.  Then the Roth IRA can continue to grow tax-free (as Roth IRAs do) and  you’ll [...]

Should Women Invest More Aggressively Than Men in Their Younger Years?

Part of a good 401k  plan and retirement plan, is making sure that both spouses have enough retirement income that will last their whole lives. Because women live longer than men and make less, should they invest more aggressively to get the 401K maximum? Think about this as you manage your 401k assets. Want a $500.00 [...]

401K Withdrawal Options You Need to Know

Want a $500.00 credit card? Guaranteed Instant Approval. Bad credit accepted. Reports to a major credit bureau. Apply Today! Your 401k withdrawal options are limited to what is written in your Summary plan document. Not all 401K plans allow loans so it is best to check what you can and can’t do first before you [...]

Feds propose a rule to expand the fiduciary definition to 401(k) advisers

The U.S. Department of Labor wants to expand accountability for employer-sponsored retirement plans to investment advisers. The proposed ruled announced today would broaden the definition of “fiduciary” to further protect 401(k) participants from conflicts of interest, such as investment advisers recommending an option that brings in higher fees or promotes their own firm’s funds, according [...]

401K Contribution Limits and Catch Up Provisions for 2010 & 2011

Want a $500.00 credit card? Guaranteed Instant Approval. Bad credit accepted. Reports to a major credit bureau. Apply Today! As you look at your 401K contribution limits for 2010, you may realize that you didn’t put as much in as you would have liked. It’s not too late! Head down to your Benefits department or [...]

401K Contribution Limits Can Always Be Profitable

Your 401k contribution limits can always be profitable. But how? Think about what it takes to earn money. To be profitable your 401k contribution limits must keep up with inflation, and stay ahead of taxes. Your contributions do all of that and more–much more than any piece of real estate or outside brokerage account. First, [...]