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Most of us are not prepared for any type of retirement, and I define retirement loosely like part-time worker, career changer, transition to self-employed, etc.  Currently only 14% of employees are on track to replace at least 80% of their income in retirement, and at least 50% of employees across all age and income levels [...]


What’s In Your 401K Plan Line-Up?

by Fern LaRocca CFP®

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What do Verizon, US Airways, John Deere and Co., Seagate, Marathon Oil, Ernst and Young and Shell Oil Company all have in common? They all offered Fidelity Magellan as an investment option in their retirement plans in 2010 ( as did 1,400 other companies). The important question is: Do plan sponsors still offer Magellan? In fact, some companies [...]


Get The Wall Street Journal for 75% off! There have been a seemingly endless number of articles and cable news segments about what you should do financially in 2011. Well its now 2011 and here are a few things I suggest on the retirement plan front. 401(k) Participants · Take a look at your account. [...]


Eve Kaplan, CFP(R) Practitioner, (Guest contributor) The hard-earned dollars you defer each month into your 401(k) are about to get the money equivalent of a face lift in 2012. Why? Fees that affect your net 401(k) plan balance could drop on account of regulatory changes in 2012. These changes force providers to disclose all their [...]


The U.S. Department of Labor wants to expand accountability for employer-sponsored retirement plans to investment advisers. The proposed ruled announced today would broaden the definition of “fiduciary” to further protect 401(k) participants from conflicts of interest, such as investment advisers recommending an option that brings in higher fees or promotes their own firm’s funds, according [...]


By Robert Powell, MarketWatch  It might not be the bank of first or last resort, but it’s a bank nonetheless. About one in four investors borrow money from their 401(k), but, while such loans have some benefits compared to other sources of credit, they also can hit your retirement savings in unexpected ways. About 22% of [...]


401K Maximum with the Best Asset Allocation

To get the 401k maximum balance you must have the right asset allocation. Asset allocation is the process of diversifying your positions across asset sectors and styles. A common mistake is for consumers to think of their 401K as a separate portfolio. Not so! When doing an asset allocation you need to consider all your [...]

Build Wealth with the Right 401K Choices

Build Wealth with the Right 401K Choices- Register for this live call where I interview Christine Benz, who is the personal finance expert at Morningstar about Building Wealth 30 Minutes at a time. Investment analysis doesn’t have to take all day. She is going to share some tips from her book (30-Minute Money Solutions: A [...]

401K Today- making the most of what you have

Make the most of what you have to make the most of your tomorrow. Your 401K contributions are your first investment dollars. Those dollars will grow more faster than any other investment because of the tax advantages that we discuss in detail here. Take advantage of the opportunity to contribute and put the maximum amount [...]

401K Contributions-Automatic Savings for Now and Later

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You can contribute to a 401K plan that your employer provides through your paycheck. The money will be deducted from your paycheck and put into your 401K account before you pay taxes on it. Sounds scary? Nah, you won’t miss it. You are an adult now and you are saving money for your future. Go [...]

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