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401k Contribution Limits

The 401K maximum contribution limit for 2012 is $17,000. That means you can contribut a maximum of $17,000 into your 401K plan. If you are over the age of 50, you are able to contribute an additional $5,500 to the maximum 401K contribution limits. This is called the catch-up contributions because so many people are [...]


*Scared to open your 401K statement? *Don’t think you will ever recover from the losses? *Too many investment choices and don’t know how to evaluate? This ebook will help you open your statement, figure out your 401k contribution limits and gain confidence-knowing that your money is working for you- in your time frame, with your [...]


The U.S. Department of Labor wants to expand accountability for employer-sponsored retirement plans to investment advisers. The proposed ruled announced today would broaden the definition of “fiduciary” to further protect 401(k) participants from conflicts of interest, such as investment advisers recommending an option that brings in higher fees or promotes their own firm’s funds, according [...]


Want a $500.00 credit card? Guaranteed Instant Approval. Bad credit accepted. Reports to a major credit bureau. Apply Today! As you look at your 401K contribution limits for 2010, you may realize that you didn’t put as much in as you would have liked. It’s not too late! Head down to your Benefits department or [...]


Your 401k contribution limits can always be profitable. But how? Think about what it takes to earn money. To be profitable your 401k contribution limits must keep up with inflation, and stay ahead of taxes. Your contributions do all of that and more–much more than any piece of real estate or outside brokerage account. First, [...]


You may know your 401K contribution limits and contribute the maximum to that limit. But do you know how much of your contributions go to fees? When you look at the mutual fund fact sheet and see the fund fee expense ratio, it is easy to assume that fund fee is the only fee that [...]


401k Contribution Limits

Your 401K contribution limits increase every year. Although in tough economic times like this it is hard to save, the 401K plan , which is provided by your employer can be a great tool to help you not only save money for the future but provide tax savings in the present. Because you contribute with [...]

Better than a 401K? Pensions or Defined Benefit Plans

This analysis  didn’t surprise me. The old time pensions or defined benefit plans as they are called are actually better for employees than 401K plans. Note the paragraph at the end that tells why more employers aren’t using them: Technorati Tags: 401k Contribution Limits, 401k maximum, 401K plans

401K Rules-get a distribution while working?

Check your 401K plan summary plan description for 401K rules about taking a distribution while you are working.Your employer can tell you the 401k contribution limits, when you vest, and how much you can take out. Of course 401k rules only let you do this if you are past age 59.5 or the 401K penalties [...]

401K – what is it? and why should you care?

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The 401K plan is a defined contribution pension plan that is offered to employees of a company. It is used for participants to save over the long term for retirement. It is used as a supplement to social security for some people and for some it is used as an investment for retirement. You can [...]

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